Museum Zwergstatt Griebel Gräfenroda


Our little manufactory museum takes you on a journey through more than 140 years of history. In eight rooms, it gives you an insight into the beginnings and the development of our high-quality handicraft.

Zwergstatt Manufaktur Museum
Zwergstatt Manufaktur Museum

Which one of more than 400 selected exhibits will be your favourite? One of the lifelike animal figures? One of the classic fairy tale figures, such as our Little Red Riding Hood? Or maybe the characteristic gnome with a colourful cap, a white beard, and a pickaxe?

What did a clay workshop look like around the year 1900? What utensils and production steps were necessary to give shape and form to a terracotta figure? What stages of development did and does our famous “Griebel” gnome go through until it finds its way into your garden, onto your balcony, or into your living-room?

How did the gnomes and their producers fare during GDR times? And what does a railway have to do with all this?

Our museum may be getting a bit long in the tooth, but we are working at full speed on a new, modern concept. In the meantime, it will remain accessible to everyone in its old guise.

Unfortunately, our museum is not barrier-free.